Al Udeid Air Base
Doha, Qatar

These pages are a snapshot of the past as they were created in 2003.  Much has changed since that time.

It's a modern tent city.  Daytime highs can get to 120 degrees F in August.

Map of Qatar

Map from the CIA World Factbook at

Some Places on Base

Coffee House



Tent Life

Tent - Inside

Tents - Outside

Decorated Tents

More Decorated Tents

Other Places

Chapel, Barber / Beauty Shop & Shopping

Bus Stop, Medics, Finance, Lawyers, Contracting & Base Education

Power & Sewer

Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft Maintenance (Reno)

More Maintainers

More Maintenance

You thought Nevada was hot?

Bottled water

Visit from the General


Link to Tallil Air Base in Iraq

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